2010-06-04 Jarvis Cocker and Air Live at Cité de la Musique, Paris, France

Setlist: The Operation / Disney Time / AF607105 / Jamais / Everything I Cannot See / Big Julie / The Old Man’s Back Again / Ladies Man / This Is Hardcore / One Hell of a Party / Little Monsters / The Vagabond / Don’t Be Light / The Duelist / Playground Love / Sexy Boy
NB. Includes Jarvis’ solo material (Big Julie, Disney Time), Pulp (This Is Hardcore, Ladies Man), songs written by Air and Jarvis for Charlotte Gainsbourg (The Operation, AF607105, Jamais, Everything I Cannot See), a Scott Walker cover (The Old Man’s Back Again) as well as Air’s own work (Playground Love, The Vagabond, Sexy Boy).