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1982 Heroes of the Beach

21/08/1982 – Radio Hallam (HOTB on Fargate)
1982 – Rehearsal (without Jarvis or Peter)
1982 – Radio Hallam review
31/12/1982 – live at the Leadmill

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1982-02-08 Pulp on Peel

Turkey Mambo Momma was repeated, included here is John Peel’s intro and outro.


1981 Heroes of the Beach Live at the Hallamshire Hotel, Sheffield (before Jarvis joined)

Song titles Unknown

NB: from an unlabelled cassette – believed to be recorded at the Hallamshire 1981 april/may. HOTB line-up on this – Mick Shaw, Michael Paramore, David Bocking, Paul Wade
Titles of songs unknown. Duncan properly smashed up his bass guitar at the end of this gig I think.
Thanks to Nick Taylor.


1981-11-07 Pulp John Peel Session

Tracklist: Please Don’t Worry / Wishful Thinking / Turkey Mambo Momma / Refuse to be Blind
NB. These tracks feature intros and outros from John Peel plus a bit more of the show from 18th November 1981 giving some context to the songs’ placements



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